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TechLit Africa founder and CEO  Nelly Cheboi

Building Zawadi

06/18/2019 | by Nelly Cheboi

From its inception, Zawadi now has morphed into a community center for the village of Mogotio. My dream is to be able to provide all the required resources a typical school would have to help these children learn and become productive adults in their community.

TechLit Africa students using a computer

Mogotio Labs Part 1: Equal Access

01/22/2021 | by Tyler Cinnamon

TechLit builds computer labs in rural Africa and supplies computers to rural African schools and libraries. This one of many posts sharing what we learned while running an open computer lab in 2019.

TechLit Africa founder and CEO  Nelly Cheboi

Founding TechLit Africa

04/19/2019 | by Nelly Cheboi

My name is Nelly Cheboi. I am the co-founder of TechLit Africa, TechLit Africa fosters a more technologically literate Africa by building computer labs in schools. We aim to consistently monitor key indicators of digital literacy and collect feedback from our students and their communities.

TechLit Africa founder and CEO Nelly Cheboi giving at Women in Tech Breakfast Chicago

Our overnight success. Are we there yet?

07/14/2019 | by Nelly Cheboi

I grew up in abject poverty. I wanted to move my family out of that shack. We had it bad, but we were average compared to other families in my community. I wanted to help them out too.

TechLit Africa: Sheila Jelagat using Tux Math

Sheila Kiplagat

03/14/2020 | by Nelly Cheboi

It was her first day at the lab. Like most of our users, she had never used a computer. We introduced her to touch typing, she was leaving five minutes in.

TechLit Africa founder and COO Tyler Cinnamon

Tyler's Story

07/17/2019 | by Tyler Cinnamon

I grew up in a small town in outside of Chicago, Illinois. If you grew up in a community like mine, you had answers all around you. At a very young age, children in my community play with toys, designed to teach them shapes, colors and the basics of language. When they get older, they have books, music and videos that teach them how they can fit into society.

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